Cuddle them Cute, Cadeau-Style!

A Treasure to Enjoy

Wrapped in soft pinks or blues with ribbony lace adorning that tiny face… There’s no gift like the Cadeau (French Gift)* of a brand new little one!

At Cadeau, only the cutest will do. It’s deliciously soft fabrics, chic style and the yummiest fit for baby. From bubbles to snuggles, bonnets to blankets, every Cadeau piece stands out on the shelves. Comfy, classy, and charming.

We don’t just design new styles and colors for you; we always have an eye open for ways to make mothering your baby more convenient, more enjoyable and more fun. Our signature blanket wrap, for one, is the ultimate in convenience and comfort.

Designed in the US and enjoyed by babies around the world, our layette gains international acclaim, dressing infants and toddlers from New York to Europe to Israel.

‘Cuz baby is a gift. Let’s wrap him/her well!